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10+ Genius Ways To Use LEGO Like You Never Thought You Could

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Most of us think of LEGO as toys, but there are actually a lot of practical ways you can use these plastic bricks in your everyday life.

LEGO produced their first plastic brick in 1947, but their limitless construction capabilities inspire people to come up with new projects to this day. For example, one clever teacher even uses LEGO to teach math.

Here are a full list of these clever and most importantly functional uses of LEGO which will help you improve your surroundings in style. From photo frames to key keepers, these projects can be done by everyone, even those who don’t have an engineering degree.

#1 Lego Cable Organizer

Image source: reddit

#2 Lego Fish Tank

Image source: nerdist

#3 Use LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren

Image source: Alycia Zimmerman

#4 Lego Quidditch Aquarium

Image source: kst8er

#5 Lego Gift Box

#6 Lego Chess

Image source: fonzy72

#7 Lego Train Bookends

Image source: Deborah Higdon

#8 Lego Heart Necklace Set

#9 Lego Bird Feeder

#10 Lego Lampshade

Image source: kiflieslevendula

#11 Lego Key Keeper

Image source: y0immatt

#12 Lego Kitchen Decor

#13 Lego Guitar

Image source: brothers-brick

#14 Device Docking Rig

Image source: GreenLeavesDryHeaves

#15 Lego Tissue Box Cover

Image source: amatelarchitettura

#16 Lego Table

#17 Lego Clock

Image source: Honeypea

#18 Lego Computer Case

Image source: tfvlrue

#19 Lego Battleship Game

Image source: Adam Dodge

#20 Bowtie

#21 Knife Block

Image source: A_Fiddler_Crab

#22 Lego Typewriter

#23 Lego Storage Container Made From Legos

Image source: Technic Builder

#24 Lego Napkin Holder

Image source: evilmadscientist

#25 Lego Play House

Image source: Tom Morse

#26 Lego Lamp Shade

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