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13 Hilarious Winners Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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Funny animals have long ruled the internet. Now, they have something a lot more official – the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards, which recognizes their adorable comedic value. Avid nature photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks organized this competition because he loves seeing animals at their natural funniest. And you will too!
“The number and quality of the entries was fantastic. The finalists should be very proud of themselves, as should the animals they photographed, simply for looking so funny. Sadly there is no way of telling them.” Judge and British comedian Hugh Dennis
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Winner 2015 – “Rush Hour”

Image source: Julian Rad
The very first winner of the inaugural competition was this little gem taken by Julian Rad, who knows how to be at the right place at the right time. How else to you manage to get a shot at ground level with this little furball running TOWARD you, instead of away?

Silver Runner-up “You Haven’t Seen Me…”

Image source: William Richardson
William Richardson saw something he wasn’t supposed to… this fugitive buck on the run. Now that you’ve seen the photo, just forget you ever saw anything.
Image source: Julie Hunt
Funny animals laughing at funny animals! This happy harbor seal is the stuff memes are made of! In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen him pop up on a few punny memes before.
Image source: Alison Buttigieg
Sometimes, you just have to dance! We aren’t sure if he’s ‘walking like an Egyptian,’ in the middle of a ‘Thriller’ routine or freestyling, but this little guy has moves the world deserved to see!
Image source: Toni Dilger
Huddling together for warmth, clinging to each other in terror, or yet another elaborate dance? We aren’t sure, but we like to imagine these funny animals are taking in an epic view or a fireworks show.
Image source: Wuzuru Masuda
This adorable little squirrel is caught mid-facepalm. Did someone forget where he hid the nuts?
Image source: Julian Rad
Now this squirrel is a different story altogether. He didn’t forget his hiding spot. He doesn’t forget anything.
Image source: Marc Mol
It’s not an uncommon sight in sub-Saharan Africa to find birds perched on the back of large animals. They help their host by eating pesky bugs, and meanwhile feel protected from dangerous predators. I guess no one told these birds that the hippo is actually one of the most dangerous animals out there!
Image source: Graham McGeorge
Three’s a crowd when it comes to cramming owls into a small hollow in a tree. While the ones on the top look pretty comfortable, it is the wide-eyed smushed face of the owl on the bottom that makes this photo comedic.
Image source: Mohammed Alnaser
The world’s fastest animal is not necessarily the most graceful. Just take a look at this cheetah, who face-planted directly into the grassland. Or maybe he’s just working on his handstand.

Bronze Runner-up “Nearly Got It”

Image source: Oliver Dreike
This is the third place runner up in this compilation of funny animals, and it’s easy to see why. Gorillas exhibit some very familiar behaviors to us humans, but without the burdens of societal expectations and manners!
Image source: Charlie Davidson
Flying: you’re doing it wrong.
Image source: Megan Lorenz
This picture just makes you do a double take! What wing belongs to which bird? How is his head way over there? And why do owls have a permanent expression of shock and surprise on their faces?
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