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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Andreja Pejic – Before

In a world that’s sometimes short of real acceptance, it’s incredible to see a woman like Andreja Peji? rise to the top of her field. It’s not every day you see a trans model break into the world of high fashion, but with looks like hers Andreja Peji? was born to be a supermodel, no matter what gender she started off with.It might have been her early turbulent life that gave her the bravery to push through later prejudice and backlash. Born in Tuzla, in Bosnia, her family fled when she was barely a couple of years old during the terrible Bosnian War, then fled again from a Serbian village when NATO bombs started falling in 1999. The family moved to Melbourne, Australia, and it was there she was discovered.

Andreja Pejic – After

At only 17 years old, when she was discovered, Andreja already self-identified as gender neutral. In any other industry this might raise some nasty eyebrows, but the fashion world lapped up her intoxicatingly androgynous image. She had the ability to model both men’s and women’s clothes – and even did so for Jean-Paul Gaultier during the Paris show of 2011. She is definitely a wonderful talent.2013 saw her undertake sex reassignment surgery to confirm her desire to be a woman in the eyes of the world, and this didn’t change her standing one bit. Alongside appearances as a cover model for Elle, GQ, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar, Peji? was the first transgender model to be profiled by Vogue and the first ever trans woman to sign a cosmetics contract. Take that, cruel world.

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