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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Ian Harvie – Before

You might not think that the word transgender is a comedy goldmine – more like a minefield – but funnyman Ian Harvie is making it work, and making it work well. A tough childhood stemmed from the fact that he knew that he was transgender at an early age, but back then (we’re talking the 70s here) there really just was no language to describe it. At least not in the tiny town of Bridgton, Maine, where he grew up.Luckily for us, plenty of introspection, booze, and love formed the man we know today. He came out at 19 years old and never looked back, honing his life experiences into razor-sharp comedy. Forget about him being trans for a second here, because this man is just funny full stop. Starting his shows in 2002, just two years after he transitioned, he’s just gotten better and better.

Ian Harvie – After

A lot of comedians will kick around the small towns and minor circuits for years, until they quit penniless or catch a lucky break. Not Ian Harvie, who was slaying it in Boston mere months after his very first gig in Portland, Maine. From there he hit up Los Angeles, and over ten years later he’s still performing to sell-out crowds around the world.Just because he’s a megastar, though, doesn’t mean he’s lost touch with the people. Running a comedy talk show in LA which features all-LGBT guests, he’s stayed true to the community and fought long and hard on their side. Not only that, but on his website he responds to each and every one of the questions his fans post. Funny and sweet… where do we sign up?

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