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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Amiyah Scott – Before

You want proof that trans celebrities are every bit as luscious and popular as their non-trans counterparts? All you need is two words: Amiyah Scott. This vixen is a real A-lister and huge personality, with a very decent 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Which is, like, about 1.2 million times the amount of followers we have (thanks mom!).Her story is like so many we’ve heard before. Raised in New Orleans as Arthur, it didn’t take long for Amiyah to realize that she really wasn’t like other boys. Family acceptance was tough to come by, but she fought hard anyway, and by the age of 17 the deed was done. The New Orleans underground scene welcomed this flowering beauty with open arms, and her new-found confidence started taking her places she never thought she’d go.

Amiyah Scott – After

It didn’t take long for Scott’s parents to come around to the idea, and they soon went to visit her and reaffirm their unconditional love. This was just the morale booster that the young star needed, and it looked like her fortunes really were on the up and up. The second big and beautiful thing came in 2015, when Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, asked her to appear on the show.She filmed for four weeks, but in a disappointing setback none of that footage was used in the final cut. Of course, that didn’t matter for the sassy and ambitious Amiyah, who found what she loved doing on the small screen and forged ahead with her career. By early this year, she was in a lead role in Fox’s musical TV series, Star, where she played a woman named Cotton. The name couldn’t be any more appropriate.

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