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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Janet Mock – Before

The large majority of transgender celebrities are defined by the media as trans first, and celebrity second. Everything they do and achieve is sadly overshadowed by the mere nature of their gender and sexuality. Not so for Janet Mock. She transitioned long before anyone knew about her, and made a big name for herself before she came out in 2011 to surprised Marie Claire readers and the rest of the world.She travelled to Thailand when she was 18, in the middle of her first year at college, to complete the process. Janet describes her early life as difficult. Recounting her early feelings at the age of five, she said that “It felt amazing to be in a dress. But suddenly my grandmother appeared, a look of horror on her face. I knew immediately that I had crossed some kind of line.” She would cross that line again and again until it became irrelevant and she could become who she was inside.

Janet Mock – After

What she was inside, it turned out, was a fierce and passionate journalist, advocate for LGBT rights, TV show host, and author. Basically, she excels at every single thing she puts her hand to, with LGBT critics saying of her autobiography “Courageous! This book is a life map for transformation” and “Janet does what only great writers of autobiography accomplish-she tells a story of the self, which turns out to be a reflection of all humanity.”On the activist side, Mock is both tireless and undefeatable. It would take a couple of days to list out all the causes she’s put her name and skills to, but her most high profile ones have been the Arcus Foundation, as well as protesting the highly controversial Phoenix law that allows officers to arrest suspected of “manifesting prostitution” – essentially targeting trans women of color.

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