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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Gigi Gorgeous – Before

If you name yourself Gigi Gorgeous, you’d have to be pretty damn confident. You have to be certain of at least one thing: that you can live up to the name. Gigi Gorgeous, aka Giselle Lazzarato, born Gregory Lazzarato, is both of those things: scorchingly beautiful and supremely powerful. At only 25 years old, with a million YouTube subscribers and 2.5 million Instagram followers, Gigi has the world at her feet.Only a few scraps of information are known about her early childhood in Canada, apart from the fact that she was a nationally ranked diving champion while she was a teenager. She identified as a gay male when she moved to George Brown College to study fashion, but by that time her YouTube videos of makeup tutorials were already exploding in popularity. She left college to focus on those, and by 2013 was legally, physically, and spiritually a female.

Gigi Gorgeous – After

The path from doing a simple makeup vlog to becoming one of Time Magazine’s 25 most influential people on the internet has been one wild ride. It’s almost totally been ups with Gigi. She moves from project to project and strength to strength, very rarely not shining. She starred as herself in web series The Avenue, had a two-page photo spread with Miley Cyrus in Marie Claire, and has even become best buds with Kylie Jenner.The path hasn’t been without its hiccups, though. On August 9th of 2016, Gigi was held in the United Arab Emirates for over five hours, just for being a transgender woman. It’s unclear how or why the authorities would question this, since she is stated as female on her passport. Whatever it was, she was lucky to escape at all, since jail time for such an “offence” can exceed a year.

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