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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Laverne Cox – Before

Despite the fact that she’s one of the most famous transgendered personalities on the planet, and an incredible LGBT trailblazer, Laverne Cox is notoriously shy about her life before her transformation. All we know are a few scraps of information: that she was born in or around 1972 in Mobile, Alabama, and that her last name was also Cox (although nobody knows her first name).She was bullied relentlessly in middle school, and even attempted suicide at age 11 after realizing she had feelings for her male classmates. Later, she studied dance at the Alabama School of Fine Arts before becoming a drag queen. Even this photo isn’t actually of Laverne, but it’s close enough. It’s her identical twin brother, a man known only as M Lamar. This is another transformation that shocked the planet.

Laverne Cox – After

In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter who Laverne Cox was, but who she is now. Her start came on the VH1 show I Want To Work For Diddy, and from there spun off into her very own, outrageously successful show called TRANSform Me. 2013 was the year that Laverne really exploded into public consciousness, when she debuted on Orange Is The New Black as Sophia Burset.The list of acting and producing credits goes on and on (and the first trans actor to receive an Emmy nomination!), but what stands out most from Laverne’s recent career is her courage and ferocity while tackling LGBT issues head on. She’s the one that sparks the conversations and spreads awareness through her activist approaches, and she’s the one we’ve all got to thank for becoming wiser and more accepting.

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