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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Amanda Lepore – Before

Born in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Amanda Lepore (then Armand) knew she was different from the beginning. “Ever since I can first remember, I knew I was a girl,” she recalls. “I couldn’t understand why my parents were dressing me up in boys clothing. I thought they were insane.” Luckily for her, her parents were more than understanding, and after being ostracized by her classmates they withdrew her from school and gave her access to female hormone therapy.This was the beginning of a fabulous rise to the top as young Amanda. She had reassignment surgery at 19 years old, moved to New York, and become a prominent figure in the 90s nightlife scene there. As part of the loose group they called the Club Kids, a whirlwind of dance, drugs, unbelievable wardrobes, and fashion shoots followed.

Amanda Lepore – After

Nowadays, you’d hardly recognize any trace of the demure Armand left in Amanda. Her long-time collaboration with photographer David LaChapelle continues, and in the meantime she just gets more and more outrageous and more and more fabulous. This is one diva who is never, ever going to quit, no matter how much collagen, silicon, tassels, and hair dye it takes.Just this year she launched her autobiography, the aptly-named “Doll Parts”, full of explosive secrets and candid confessions (including, supposedly, that she slept with Kanye West). On top of that, her music career has slowly been taking off since her first album in 2005. She’s looking to release another very soon, and the party will basically continue forever. She appears to be a wonderful human being and we will always love her for her hard work.

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