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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Kim Petras – Before

Beginning her transition at the age of 12, the story of Kim Petras was always going to be a controversial one. Not in the eyes of Kim, of course, who insisted from the age of two (when she was Tim) that she was a girl – and not in the eyes of her parents, who supported her decision every step of the way, convinced that this was not “just a phase”.The perfect storm of controversy came from the German press and the public themselves, who whipped themselves up into a frenzy when Kim was first interviewed for German current affairs program Stern TV. At the time she was 13 years old, and she was already planning to have the reassignment surgery by the time she was 16. There was only one problem: German law forbids it until you are 18.

Kim Petras – After

Kim fought the law, and for once the law didn’t win. She got her way, and on her 16th birthday, she announced that everything was complete. It didn’t change anything for how she saw herself, but just confirmed a truth she knew all along. “I was asked if I feel like a woman now – but the truth is I have always felt like a woman – I just ended up in the wrong body.”Well, Kim has taken this new body to dizzying heights since launching her career. Starting in 2008, the pop singer has been belting out hit after hit, with her last one – “I Don’t Want It All”, released in August of this year – hitting number one of the Spotify Global Viral 50 chart. She hasn’t dropped an album yet, but as Deborah Conway once sung, it’s only the beginning.

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