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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Aydian Dowling – Before

Historically and currently, men are always going to be the least accepting of the genders. We’re not saying that that all men can’t accept a transgender man in their midst, but on average they’re happier to stick with the comfortable, the status quo. So to make it in the world of men, as a transgender man, is something incredible. To make it in Men’s Health as a transgender man is nothing short of legendary.Well, meet Aydian Dowling, the ripped-as-hell 29-year-old who did just that. Every year, Men’s Health do a reader’s poll to find an exemplary man they can put on their front cover. In 2015, just five years after he began hormone replacement therapy, Aydian decided to put his hat in the ring, and his popularity just exploded. As the competition neared its end, Aydian had close to 100,000 votes – more than double the amount of his nearest competitor.

Aydian Dowling – After

Did he win the coveted “Ultimate Guy” award? Sadly, Men’s Health really pulled a punch there. But at least he was both featured and interviewed in the magazine, a huge deal for a glossy that’s so potently masculine. Dowling said later in an interview that it “was really exciting being the first transgender man interviewed for men’s health, that was freakin’ awesome!”These days, Aydian isn’t looking to start any movie or modelling career like many of his contemporaries in the community. He just has a few simple goals: to be a loving and caring husband to his wife of eight years, Jennilee; to continue his trans clothing line, “.5CC”, which raises money for transition surgeries; to be a role model and leader in the community; and to never, ever lose those delicious abs.

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