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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Laura Jane Grace – Before

One listen to the lyrics of any of seminal punk band Against Me!’s songs and you’ll realize just how much of a turbulent life frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has had. From an early teen drug addiction, to lawful and incredibly unlawful arrests, to a bitter divorce between her parents, Laura has struggled against the system almost from the moment she was born Thomas Jane Gabel.Against the backdrop of all this has been her greatest struggle of all: intense and painful gender dysphoria. She would skip school and cross dress at home, leading to a “binge and purge cycle” and feelings of immense guilt. Even when she formed Against Me! and married Heather Hannoura, the struggle was always there, and always real. She could never escape this feeling of “misalignment”, of being born in the wrong body.

Laura Jane Grace – After

The watershed moment came in 2012, when Laura was 32. She confronted her feelings head on and came out in public as a transgender female, a moment that was equal parts cathartic and tumultuous. She has had some surgery since then, but remains apprehensive about any so-called “bottom” surgery, saying ultimately that it’s “perfectly valid to never undergo bottom surgery.”Laura was expecting a backlash from both fans and the punk community, but this never happened. Instead, everyone who’s been touched by her raw, unapologetic emotions and political views came out in force to support her. The albums keep flowing, and the hits never stop, and as Laura Jane Grace tirelessly fights to be who she is, she continues to be a star. We hope she keeps her success rockin’ for years to come.

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