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25 Celebrities Who Underwent Gender Transformation

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Trace Lysette – Before

Want to find anything out about the Trace Lysette before her transition? Well, you can’t. Apart from the single remaining image of her during her teenage years, the only things we know are her hometown (Dayton, Ohio) and what she did at school (a star track athlete). To be honest, we don’t even know her birth name or her age.To be honest again, none of that really matters. It seems like that was a period that Trace would rather forget, anyway. Her confusion and repressed feelings, thanks to a society that basically forced her to cover up who she really was, forced her into the sex industry and exotic dancing while she struggled to become an actress. Although she had medically transitioned by 2002, she never told anyone she was trans during auditions, and lived in constant fear of an “outing”.

Trace Lysette – After

How does that scared and vulnerable Trace Lysette of 15 years ago turn into the confident and assured woman we know today? Well, it’s all thanks to Laverne Cox, whose trailblazing turn on Orange Is The New Black proved that out and proud trans actors could get jobs in the industry without having to hide their past. Before that, her only role was a bit part in Law & Order: SVU. Now, she was free to show her real self. And what a self that would prove to be. 2014 was a monumental year for Trace, when she was cast in the Golden Globe winning Amazon series, Transparent. Basically stealing every scene as Shea, an LGBT counsellor, Trace’s eyes were opened up to a whole new world of acting possibilities. From there, she’s also landed a major role on Starz’s Blunt Talk. Now, this woman is unstoppable.

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