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A-list Stars Spotted in their Airport Outfits

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Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson

Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson at the airport

Milla Jovovich is one of the most popular and recognizable action heroines because of her role in the Resident Evil franchise. Beyond launching her into superstardom, this film is where she met her husband, producer and director Paul W.S. Anderson.

The pair have been together for 15 years now and travel together frequently. Here, they are touching down in Salt Lake City for Sundance, where Milla’s film Paradise Hills would premier. Paul’s outfit is understated, while Milla rocks some statement fringe boots.

Mel B

Mel B at the airport

Melanie Brown, Scary Spice, Mel B… whatever you call her, the British singer became famous as a member of the ‘90s most popular girl group, the Spice Girls. Today, she judges other aspiring singers on shows like The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Mel B has always been a fan of standing out and a fan of animal prints. Her airport look features a statement cheetah coat over a cleavage-bearing black top.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara Packs her bags

Kate Mara, of House of Cards24 and American Horror Story fame, looks perfectly put together in her all black ensemble. The television star is pregnant here, which is probably why she opted for good ol sneaks for ultimate foot comfort.

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