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A-list Stars Spotted in their Airport Outfits

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Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Back in 2017 Paris Hilton and Leftovers actor Chris Zylka were a fire couple who always looked on point. Their airport outfits are no exception! They constantly traveled to exotic locales around the world, and here Paris looks vacation ready in her stunning red maxi dress. Chris is more relaxed and prepped to zone out on the plane with his headphones.

More Paris

Paris Hilton on the go

Paris looked great in that long red dress, but we all know pink is her fave color. She rocks it here in this head-to-toe Moschino combo, paired with ballet flats, cap and a cute backpack complete with a furry bauble.

Even if we don’t see as much of Paris as we did back in the Simple Life years, she is still active in modeling and fashion design, and she still knows she will be photographed everywhere she goes.

Lately we don’t hear as much from Paris Hilton as we used to. The famous heiress was everywhere after her hit reality show The Simple Life came out in 2005, but she’s currently spending much less time in the spotlight.

Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar Heads for a Flight

Kunal Nayyar traveled a lot, even before making it big as an actor on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. He was born in London, grew up in New Delhi, and now films in Burbank, California. His vibe at the airport is decidedly chill, trying not to draw too much attention to himself while traveling.

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