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A-list Stars Spotted in their Airport Outfits

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Cher's bright airport look

Cher’s bright airport outfits are no surprise when you think of her usual stage costumes and day to day attire. This is toned down for the glamorous and colorful star. She’s been an influence on pop music and fashion for more than 50 years now, and she is not about to slow down now.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage at the airport

Nicolas Cage is one of those household names because he has been so prolific for so many years. With four decades as an action star and Oscar winner, he’s been on many a flight to film and promote his movies.

Here, as he heads out for yet another trip from LAX, he rocks an edgy outfit that displays his personal style. The brown leopard print jacket looks almost subtle compared with the leather pants, and he finishes off with a colorful tee.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Serandon at the Airport

From The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Thelma & Louise to Cloud Atlas and The Calling, Susan Sarandon has done it all. Pretty much every genre, every award, and plenty of activist work, she is a woman on the go.

Susan is outspoken in politics but she also likes to make statements with her style. Here she impresses with a black jumpsuit, comfy shoes and a fire embroidered leather jacket.

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