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Amazing Facts About Dogs That Will Make You Love Them Even More

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Human beings have loved dogs for over 30,000 years. Research shows that we’ve been sharing our lives with them for at least that long. So, how is it that we still have so much to learn about our canine companions? Shouldn’t we know it all by now? We know they like gnawing on bones, adore rolling in stinky things, and chasing squirrels and tennis balls. What more is there? You’d be surprised!

Here are some fun dog facts that might change the way you see your canine companion. Thought you knew a lot about dogs? Read these interesting facts and think again.

Dogs can read your face.

Scientists have shown that, out of the entire animal kingdom, dogs are the only animals that can read the emotions on our faces like other humans do. Dogs can tell at a glance if we’re joyful, confused, angry, or sad, just by looking at our faces. They also can be affected by these emotions, often feeling them just as strongly as we do. 

Dogs sweat through their paws.

What? Dogs sweat? Sure they do! Though, instead of sweating through their skin like people, they sweat through their paws. Check it out the next time the temperature rises and your dog seems a little hot. This is one of the reasons why many dogs’ feet smell salty, like popcorn or corn chips!

Dogs’ nose-prints are just as unique as fingerprints are to humans.

Just as humans can be identified absolutely by their fingerprints, dogs can be identified by their nose prints. Police have even used the fact that each individual dog has a unique nose print to solve crimes, proving that they, or their owners, were present at a crime scene. 

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