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Animals Who Look Like Your Favorite Fictional Characters

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They say art imitates life. Surely some of our favorite characters from TV and film drew their inspiration from real-world creatures, but even so, the resemblance can be uncanny! Read on to see some of the hilarious doppelgängers between the real and fictional worlds.

Chewbacca Dog

Chewy is one of the most beloved characters of the Star Wars franchise. He’s loyal and an excellent companion, so why shouldn’t he look a little like man’s best friend?

Saruman Dog

On the flip side of that coin… this dog bears a little too much resemblance to the power-hungry mythical villain. What’s he plotting?

Grumpy Master Shifu Cat

According to the Kung Fu Panda films, Master Shifu is a red panda. Based on the popularity of Grumpy Cat, we thought perhaps animators had drawn inspiration from her, but it turns out Grumpy Cat was born in 2012, a year after the film came out!

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