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Artist Combines Celebrity Faces Into One Mind-Bending Result

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Let’s face it: celebrities are just better looking than the rest of us. There’s something about how symmetrical their faces are, their flawless, wrinkle-free skin, and perfectly quaffed hairdo’s that make them biologically superior to so-called “normal” people, and as hard as we may try to emulate their iconic looks, it’s just not possible. So try not to take it too personally.

A 25-year-old French artist who goes by “morphy_me” has been on a mission to create the “perfect” celebrity. Using his amazing photoshop skills, he combines the most beautiful features from two well-known actors or singers to create an image that can only be described as stunning.

Take a look at the 30 pics below and prepare for your mind to be blown. Want to try to figure them out on your own? Don’t read the caption and see if you can decipher which two stars were used in each pic. Number 27 took me forever.

Two Freddies

Rami Malek and Freddie Mercury
via: Instagram

Let me guess: This just looks like a vintage pic of Freddie Mercury, right?

It’s actually a combination of Rami Malek and Freddie Mercury.

Crazy, right?

Black Widow and Stefani Germanotta

Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johansson
via: Instagram

Who’s this stunning Hollywood star?

It’s Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johansson!

Two famous redheads

Amy Adams and Emma Stone
via: Instagram

Can you figure out which iconic gingers are combined here?

Amy Adams and Emma Stone, of course!

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