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Besties! Cutest Animal Friendships Caught on Camera

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Humans aren’t the only beings that enjoy friendships with members of another species. There are plenty examples of animals befriending creatures who are entirely different from them. It’s not always clear how some animals choose who they want top make friends with, but its undeniably adorable! See some of our favorite friends here.

Pig in a Blanket

This little piggy is in Hog Heaven with his two kitten buddies.


Here’s a bull terrier and his tiny donkey friend keeping warm together on a chilly night.

Horse House

What are friends for? This kind horse protects his goat buddy from the hard snow.

Koi Kisses

Sometimes animals can befriend one another even though they live in completely different worlds!

Cat loves milk

Some say the cat is only in on it for the milk, but it seems there is more love between this pair.

Hunting Buddies

Bear and his wolf companion watch for fish together.

Nap time

Duckling gets a furry cuddle as he puts his puppy buddy to sleep.

Don’t Mess With My Friends

Cat protects his monkey friend from a scary dog.

Easter puppy

Bulldog and chick AND bunnies? Now that’s a gang!

Fuzzy nuzzle

This pug and lamb are good friends, neither of them thinks it’s weird at all.

We Can Relate

The Orangutan is one of the smartest primates on the planet. Choosing a dog for a pet is one of this one’s wiser choices.

The Sky’s Aren’t the Limit

Other primates are cute too! This monkey refuses to separate from his pigeon friend.

Genuine Smile

“I love this cat so much!” Chimpanzees are another great ape, closely related to us humans. Here is one loving a snow leopard.

No spoilers

Dog and owl are distracted form their TV show to look at their owner. So cute! Apparently dogs and owls get along well, as you’ll see in another photo in the gallery.

The Fox and the Hound

This fox and hound have remained good friends throughout the years. Look at those smiles!

The Hitchhiker

Something a bit different: Snail hitchhiking on the back of a lobster for a thrillingly fast ride. Look at that S car go!

Mother of Dragons

This bearded dragon is best friends with this gorgeous cat, and they snuggle together. Interestingly, the reptile is cold blooded and the warm cat helps him stay cozy.

Big Kittens

Cheetah and lion love each other! Good thing they are young, because an adult lion is far larger and stronger than a full grown cheetah, despite the latter being much faster.

Mom, can I keep him?

Australian sheep dog brought home a new friend. She’s a bit….. taller.

Duck, Duck, Dog

Mallard and lab friends pose for a photo.

How about a massage?

Hippo doesn’t mind his goat friend getting onto his back for a better view. He enjoys the massage, anyway.

Size doesn’t matter

This big dog and tiny piglet may seem to have nothing in common, but they say pigs and dogs are equally smart.

Cuteness Overload

Bunny protecting fellow piglets!

For the Birds

Just a golden retriever and his 7 parakeet friends.

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