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Brazilian Artist Repurposes Old Tires Into Beds For Animals

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Amarildo Silva is a Brazilian handyman who decided to tackle the problem of littering in a unique way. The young man helps reduce the amount of old discarded tires in the streets by recycling them into unique and colorful animal beds. He started the project two years ago and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Amarildo came up with the idea when looking for a way to make money from the trash people dumped on the streets. The man always enjoyed turning discarded materials into something people could use again.

The animal beds Amarildo makes not only help him earn money but reduce the amount of garbage aswell.

The idea of making animal beds came to Amarildo’s mind after seeing that stray animals often use old tires to seek shelter.

The man works in his backyard and has even dedicated one of his rooms merely for storing old tires.

Amarildo washes, cuts and paints the tires and loves creating unique designs for each one.

When not busy making animal beds, the handyman also makes planters.

Amarildo believes his project contributes to the wellbeing of the planet by reducing waste and his unique way of tackling the problem serves as an inspiration to people everywhere.

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