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Cat ‘LEGOs’ For Those Obsessed With Cats

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If you like LEGOs, art and cats , you’re in luck! You can now order and build your very own playful feline statue that will liven up even the dullest living room or office. A Hong Kong-based company called JEKCA offers their own version of LEGO-like building blocks for ‘kidults,’ and the variety will surprise even the pickiest of customers.

JEKCA offers block sets for a number of cat breeds and you can order your kit in different positions and various colors.

A single statue kit will cost you around $66. You get the fun of assembling your very own sculpture, as well as an adorable piece of art for your home. “These cats are like real sculptures and will not collapse or break apart,” JEKCA writes on their Facebook page.

This is the perfect way to honor your pet after he’s gone, or even to confuse him with his very own sculpture döppelganger! Imagine your kitty’s surprise when she first meets her LEGO twin.

More info: jekca | facebook

Be a crazy cat lady with a whole set of lifelike sculptures

A collection of lego cat sculptures from Hong Kong company JECKA

Zoom in on your pet’s cutest features

A Lego cat sculpture and brick wall art

A parade of cats right through your living room

JECKO Cat sculptures come in several breeds and colors

The many faces of JECKO building block sculptures

JECKO cat sculptures and wall art

Good morning! Stretch out with an adorable LEGO pet

Cute cats stretching out in the morning

Along with sculptures, JECKA offers brick wall art kits

Along with sculptures, get cute wall art

Assembling your new art is half the fun

Details of LEGO cats sculptures

This little guy is perpetually pawing at an unseen toy

black and white JECKO cat

This gray tabby is stretching out after a nap

stretching gray tabby sculpture

Remember Keyboard Cat? He’s met his match!

This tuxedo cat is sitting pretty

Did someone just open a can of tuna? These cats are hungry!

Catch your cats in every pose

Imagine your pet’s surprise when she meets these cats!

She’s begging for something… I wonder what it could be?

Sculpture cats bring life to your ho-hum office

Honor all the cats you love with matching sculptures

Wherever you go in the room, at least one of these guys is watching!

Coordinated cats wave hello!

There’s nothing cats love more than a good long stretch

Cats love to climb around your electronics. Enjoy the cuteness without the fur.

Just a gray tabby passing through!

The sculptures are around 27 centimeters (10 inches) high

Look who’s coming for dinner!

JECKA makes a variety of breeds, including Persian

JECKA persian cat sculptures


JECKA Siamese cat sculptures


JECKA Ragdoll cat sculptures


JECKA Abyssinian cat sculptures

and more!

jecka playful cat sculptures

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