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Cats Living Their Best Lives

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Cats don’t ask for much, just the occasional chin rub (which is more for their owner’s comfort than theirs), a good canned meal, and a warm spot to nap. The lifestyle of the cats in this list, however, show these necessities taken to the extremes. With the service of their owners and hotel staff, these cats have been given a life probably more luxurious than some of us will ever know. These spoiled cats with their 5-star hotel rooms and silver platters will make you wish you were a cat.

I’ll take the elevator

This cat has far better and more important things to do than walking downstairs.

Breakfast in bed

Custom-sized mattress and linen bought this spoiled cat a place on the list, but breakfast in bed pushed it to the top.

Just hangin’ out

This family really loves their cat and make sure she remains happy and delighted. This hammock proves this cat has a ‘higher’ standard of living than you

King of Cat Castle

This kitten is the ruler of the castle and probably its owner’s house and bank account as well.

Custom Couch

Funny that the cat’s leather couch isn’t scratched up. We bet the owner’s own leather couch is in shreds!

Look into my crystal bowl

This cat doesn’t care about being in its owner’s sweet bowl. They know there’s no other treat better than having a cat as a pet.

Hold the wasabi

Fish is a favorite treat for cats. But that’s not enough for this spoiled cat who loves a little more presentation for his meals.

Nap time

Oh! How lovely it is to see a cat sleeping so comfortably. She is lucky to have a family.

Technology at its best

Not only does this cat have access to fancy Apple technology, but they also have their own cozy den.

Cat on vacay

Yes, a luxurious hotel for cats does actually exist. With wrought iron designer cat beds and gourmet menus, cats probably have better holidays than their owners.

Welcome to my crib

As president of the household, including the ‘owner’, this cat is entitled to its own mansion.


This luxury hotel room is clearly designed to treat cats as royalty and give them an even better holiday than their owners.


Choupette the cat travels the world on a private jet plane, looking down at everyone.


This cat is sniffing this ahi tuna sushi to check whether it’s up to standards. If it’s not, we know it’ll be sending it right back and asking to speak to the manager.

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