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Celebrities Who Look Identical To People From History

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It’s a proven fact that there are at least nine people walking this Earth at this very moment that looks nearly identical or very similar to you. Luckily this isn’t a Highlander situation where you have to hunt them down and kill them so there can be only one of you. That would definitely kill the vibe here on Earth. With nine people walking on the Earth that look like you today, you imagine how many people who once walked the earth in the past who you shared the same looks as you. Don’t go looking in the history books. You just might find yourself. Even more likely, you’ll find a famous celebrity face. No one’s face is more recognizable than a celebrity’s faces. You’ve probably seen Jimmy Fallon’s face more than you’ve seen your own mothers. That means you’ll be much quicker to notice celebrity dopplebangers. That can make it feel like we’re living among time travelers. Maybe we are? See for yourself with these fifty photos.

Matthew McConaughey

To be quite honest, at times, Matthew McConaughey does hold the facial features of someone from a blast from the past so, we’re somewhat not surprised. And yet, it seems like Matthew McConaughey won’t be going anywhere time soon with his extensive array of blockbuster movies that range from the space thriller, Interstellar, to the lust-driven, Magic Mike, to the children’s film, Sing, this guy is literally everywhere.And as for his old-timey look-a-like, he appears like he could have been a scholar with a doctorate degree in some very risk heavy medicine, some type of government official, the residential suit tailor of his small town that everyone visits, or hell just somebody’s racist great-great-grandfather, regardless he’s got one hell of a mustache and his futuristic doppelganger is killing the Hollywood game right now.

Jimmy Fallon

No offense to any of the Jimmy Fallon fans out there but he’s not even the best Jimmy on late-night television these days and there isn’t a skit he can do, an interview that he can conduct, or a song he can make a gimmick out of that will match the intensity or importance of his historical look-a-like in Turkish revolutionist, Mahir Cayan. Matter of fact, not many of us have the balls to top any type of revolutionist but at least Jimmy Fallon should give Kimmel a run for his money from time to time.Jimmy Fallon has been working the late-night talk show/comedy sketch circuit for a couple of decades now and is currently the host of The Tonight Show after doing stints with Saturday Night Live and Late Night and probably won’t be headed anywhere for decades to come. One thing Fallon has on both Kimmel and Fallon though is his taste in music, there’s no denying that Jimmy Fallon has the best house band in late night with The Roots backing him.

Nicolas Cage

At one point in time, Nicolas Cage was on top of the world and there wasn’t an action thriller film or intense drama that he wasn’t starring in. From movies like Gone In 60 Seconds, the National Treasure franchise films, The Wicker Man, and 2012’s Stolen the guy has portrayed the perfect protagonist that we all wanted help. Then there were times early in his career that he made some rather interesting casting choices like starring in Peggy Sue Got Married, Valley Girl, and that horrendous Ghost Rider movie… Yikes.Regardless, Nicolas Cage defined a generation of actors and he too is another celebrity with a creepily similar doppelganger in this semi-enthused Civil War-era dashing young chap. One thing we can say about the young man is that his hairline was holding up a lot better than Cage’s is these days. The tye is a bit much but that full head of hair probably has Cage fuming right now. No worries, Nicolas can borrow some from his goth son, Weston who has hair flowing down his back.

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