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Celebrities Who Look Identical To People From History

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Charlie Sheen

Watching the downward spiral of Charlie Sheen go down, somehow became a spectacle and entertaining for most mainstream media outlets but for us watching the once superstar implode and make bad decision after bad decision was disheartening as Sheen clearly was and still is in need of help. That doesn’t mean that Sheen doesn’t still have die-hard fans especially being that he starred in films like Platoon, The Hot Shots! Series, Red Dawn and of course, his most notorious television series Two and a Half Men and latest television series, Anger Management.Many might not know of Charlie Sheen’s scarily similar look-a-like in abolitionist, John Brown, who was anti-slavery and led several armed revolts killing pro-slavery supporters. In 1895, Brown wanted to start a slave liberation movement through violence which ultimately led to a lot of his men either being killed or fleeing the scene in West Virginia after being taken out by U.S. Marines, Brown was tried for treason and hung. These two men might share a face and Sheen might be praised for doing the wrong thing while Brown was considered insane for over a century and almost scrubbed from the history books. Talk about agenda, eh.

David Duchovny

There’s no denying that David Duchovny was on top of the world in the ’90s as conspiracy theorist, Fox Mulder of the hit sci-fi television series The X-Files which lasted a total of eleven seasons which originally ran from September 1993 to May 2002 and later returned in January 2016 and officially ended in March of 2018 after dropping two shortened seasons. Duchovny was also a part of a lesser known series in the ’90s entitled the Red Shoe Diaries and later rose to prominence once again as the womanizer, Hank Moody, the HBO television series, Californication which became wildly popular throughout the late 2000s as the series ended in 2014.David Duchovny does have a rather unique look and his particular doppelganger might be a reach but he does share a similar facial aesthetic to this unidentified Ukrainian World War II photographer. Which might not be a coincidence at all being that Duchovny’s paternal grandparents are from Russian Poland, which is now just Poland, and Berdychiv, Russian Empire, which is now Ukraine. There’s a strong possibility that Duchovny and this brave photographer are in fact related.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is another one of those actors that has transcended time and become an immortal public figure in the film industry. There’s no denying that Murray has had one of the best runs of all-time by starring in films like Groundhog Day, Stripes, Caddyshack, Lost in Translation, the cult classic Ghostbusters series, and more recent films like Rock The Kasbah, Aloha, the 2016 reboot of The Jungle Book and 2018’s animated film, Isle of Dogs. At 67-years-old Murray is still killing the box office and there’s always been something admirable about the Emmy Award-winning actor.Surprisingly, not many have put two and two together and compared the visual similarities between both Bill Murray and Edgar Allan Poe who is considered a central figure in the realm of Romanticism and poems like The Raven, To Helen, and The Sleeper are referenced in pop culture and used in educational curriculum to this very day. Both Poe and Murray will live on for centuries to come.

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