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Celebrities Who Look Identical To People From History

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Jack Black

Jack Black gives off this reincarnation of Chris Farley vibe at times but still hasn’t reached the peak position that the late comedian turned actor still holds in our hearts to this very day but that hasn’t stopped Black from putting out some rather dope and hilarious projects including School of Rock, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Tropic Thunder, and of course Nacho Libre. Black has displayed his range though with his participation in films like King Kong, the Kung-Fu Panda series, and his latest work in the rebooted rendition of Jumanji.We understand, the gentleman to the right looks like Jack Black playing a high school kid going to prom in the 1970s but that isn’t the case whatsoever. This dude and Jack Black are two totally different people and the strapping, sharply dressed young man is a random patron attending a wedding in the 1950s. They look so similar, cloning and time travel isn’t ruled out in our book in this case.

Orlando Bloom

There’s no denying that Orlando Bloom is not one of Hollywood’s elite. Bloom’s true rise to superstardom came in the form of the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as his appearances in the franchise spinoff, The Hobbit. Not to mention his roles in multi-billion dollar grossing films like The Pirates of the Caribbean series have lined his pockets with what seems like an endless amount of funds and of course, any woman within a forty-five mile of his current location.Not only is Orlando Bloom killing it in the entertainment industry and rich as hell, he’s got swagger about him without the superficial things most of us find alluring which is probably why is likened to painter/writer Nicolae Grigorescu. These two dashing young fellas are definitely cut from the same gene pool and share strikingly similar facial features.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s willingness to hold out and get paid a minimal rate for both writing and starring in the classic boxing film, Rocky, knowing that it was going to be a hit is proof of his own undying confidence in himself and knowing that he would be one of the world’s biggest superstars. And to this very day, at the age of 71-years-old, Stallone still has a heavy impact on the film industry starring in movies like The Expendables series, Escape Plan, and the Rocky spinoff series in Creed.Even though Sylvester Stallone is an international hit in this current era, he definitely wasn’t as famous as his doppelganger in Pope Gregory IX and that’s obvious with how huge of a following the Catholic Church has and what they’re able to get away with… Let’s just hope that Pope Gregory IX didn’t have the same speech impediment as Sylvester Stallone’s lazy mouth.

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