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Celebrities Who Look Identical To People From History

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is literally on top of the world, there isn’t a woman in the world that wouldn’t take a shot at him and there isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t want to be a part of his inner circle. The Wolf of Wall Street star has found his way to an Oscar for his amazing performance in The Revenant for Best Actor after starring critically acclaimed films like Titanic, Shutter Island, Inception, Gangs of New York and more. His performance for playing an autistic child with a unique family dynamic in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is what put him on the map and led him to a road of superstardom.What many don’t know is that Dicaprio has a doppelganger in the form of a woman known as Judy Zipper. Nobody really knows too much about Zipper other than the fact that she looks like a 1960s version of the megastar actor but at least she’s gained some type of notoriety after death. Shout out Judy and the Zipper family!

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s revolutionary idea to connect people all around the world via his social media platform entitled Facebook has single-handedly made him wealthy, making him worth over $74 billion. Unfortunately, when it comes to running platforms with millions upon millions of users, corruption can become imminent and his platform has been infiltrated with bots, hackers, and propaganda that torn the online platform apart. Now, Zuckerberg is scrambling to save face, no pun intended, by saving his empire.Speaking of empires, Zuckerberg does share an insane resemblance to King Philip IV of Spain. The pouty lips, oversized ears, curly hair and lazy eyes are too many similarities to ignore about the two, yet the both of them have/had more power of people than the average Joe and that’s definitely not a coincidence at all as well.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has to be one of our favorite television personalities to this very day, even though the major television and movie roles might be behind him. He’s found a recent resurgence by playing Donald J. Trump on hilarious Saturday Night Live skits and some of us might remember him as the witty Republican businessman, Jack Donaghy, on Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, and others might recognize Alec from Knots Landing or Great Balls of Fire. He’s played in action films like The Getaway and animated films like The Boss Baby, there’s no denying that this guy has range.There is one man on earth that Alec Baldwin is predestined to play on screen and he’s the 13th President of the United States of America in Millard Fillmore, who was the last president of the Whig Party in the White House. Fillmore definitely had his hands full during a sensitive time in American history and of course, he participated in d***head behavior while also doing some right as well. Alec should definitely hit his agent about developing a story around his doppelganger.

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