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Celebrities Who Look Identical To People From History

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John Krasinski

Surprisingly, John Krasinski has been in a lot of major motion pictures and television shows but majority of the consumer population knows Krasinski for his role as Jim on the American version of The Office. His blank stares into the camera and constant pranks on his co-worker, Dwight Schrute, made him a fan-favorite but he’s recently taking his acting career to the next level by starring in films like The Quiet Place alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, and starring in the Amazon Prime original series, Jack Ryan.Even though John Krasinski has a very modern aesthetic with the lazy bed-head hairstyle and slender build but yet, he too has an insanely close look-a-like from another life as well. Their jawlines, ear size, and nasal shape are damn near identical which means Krasinski had to have a paint-worthy relative somewhere hidden in his ancestry.


Eminem, one of the biggest acts in the hip-hop community has dug himself out of the trenches of 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan to a lifestyle of milk and honey that any and everyone wishes to live and experience. Eminem is arguably the most skilled emcee to walk the planet but has had some questionable artistic direction and projects as of recent. That still doesn’t stop the fact that he starred in one of the biggest music-based films of all-time in 8 Mile, which many assumed was an autobiography but was really just a well-written fictional story about his childhood hometown area.Eminem also shares a look-a-like with Roman emperor, Severus Alexander, who was the last emperor of the Severan dynasty after he was assassinated which sparked a collapse in the empire’s economy, foreign invasions, and five decades of civil wars. Eminem might have a dark history but at least he didn’t have to go what Severus went through and he’ll be honored as one of the greatest to ever touch a mic.

Andrew Garfield

It looks like we’ve run into a recurring theme here when it comes to both actors and their doppelgangers, some of these people have disturbingly large heads. Andrew Garfield might have been one of Marvel’s largest acting assets but there’s no denying that he has the neck muscles of an ox, look at that thing. Regardless, Garfield did star in the Amazing Spider-Man series and has gone on to bring in the big bucks by starring in films like Under The Silver Lake, Silence, and Breathe.It just so happens that Garfield looks a lot like Russian revolutionary Marxist, Leon Trotsky, who later developed his own version of Marxism called none other than Trotskyism. Unfortunately, Trotsky was assassinated with an ice pick and left behind four children. With the sizes of both Trotsky’s and Garfield’s heads, we’re surprised they just didn’t tip over due to the weight of their oversized craniums.

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