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Celebrities Who Robbed -or Were Robbed from- the Cradle

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David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts

After two failed marriages, everyone’s favorite lifeguard had settled for the third time with Welch beauty Hayley, who is 27 years younger than him. The couple got engaged in 2016, after a long relationship.

Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux

When Emmanuel Macron got elected French President, the story that hit the tabloids was actually the fact that he was married to 25 years older women, who used to be his teacher. Emmanuel and Brigitte met when he was only a 15 years old high school student. The couple is still together.

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants‘ star Amber Tamblyn, age 34, is married to comedian David Cross, known for his role in Arrested Development, age 53. The age gap between them is 19 years, but despite that fact, the couple got married in 2012 and last year they became parents to a baby girl named Marlow.

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