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Chinese Woman Is A ‘Human-Chameleon’ That Uses Make Up To Transform Into Anyone She Wants

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Chinese make-up blogger He Yuhong has the ability to walk through a crowd without ever revealing her true identity, no she’s not one of the Faceless Men on Game of Thrones – just an artist whose talent allows her to transform herself to any famous face. Yuhong, also known as Yuyamaika on Instagram, has amassed 508k followers on her page with mind-blowing transformations such as Mona Lisa and Johnny Depp.

In addition to Instagram, the artist has a huge following on YouTube, where she posts play-by-play videos of her unbelievable metamorphosizes. In the list below we present you with the newest looks from this make-up chameleon. From your favorite singers to art pieces to actors we promise you won’t be disappointed, so don’t forget to upvote your favs!

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#1 Albert Einstein

Yuyamika was a teacher before she decided to devote herself full time to make-up vlogging, and spent over two years showcasing her talents online before taking the dive. At 28-years-old she now how has a devoted fanbase that look forward to seeing what she will do next. One of her most buzz worthy looks has been the Mona Lisa, which she told South China Morning Post took 6 hours to complete.

#2 Johnny Depp

Even with her obvious talent, the make-up artist has been unsure of how people would react to some of her attempts: “I wasn’t sure how internet users would feel about me trying to copy such a famous and beloved painting onto my face,” she told SCMP of her Mona Lisa face. “I prepared myself for criticism.” The next day she awoke to over 900,000 likes on TikTok, where she had recorded the tutorial.

#3 Mona Lisa

#4 Taylor Swift

#5 Natasha Romanoff

Looking at the before photo of the vlogger and the after result you may question how a Chinese woman can transform her features so realistically to more Western faces with make-up alone – she says it’s all in the eyes. “The most important facial feature is the eyes, It’s key to whether the copy is successful or not,” which might make it even more surprising to learn that her most difficult look was Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. “There is only a little room to work in when the subject puts on only light or even no make-up,” she said.“Also, Teresa Teng was from decades ago, when people’s expressions and gestures were different from now. Before starting the job, I spent quite some time researching the way she looked.”

#6 Audrey Hepburn

#7 Dita Von Teese

YouTubers have been able to turn the platform into billion-dollar businesses, and beauty vloggers can rake in some serious cash charging some companies more than $60,000 to be featured. That may seem exorbitant – but art doesn’t come cheap. According to her interview with Reuters Yuyumika spends about 10,000 yuan ($1,452) a month on make-up for these artistic masterpieces. Fortunately as of last year she is backed by corporate sponsors, which allow her to execute some mind-blowing looks.

#8 Girl With A Pearl Earring

#9 Charlie Chaplin

#10 Cristiano Ronaldo

#11 Lady With An Ermine

#12 Harley Quinn

#13 Marilyn Monroe

#14 Gal Gadot

#15 Monica Bellucci

#16 Joachim Löw

#17 Taylor Swift

#18 Lady Of Sorrows: Mournful Mary

#19 Michael Jackson

This is Chinese make-up artist He Yuhong before her transformations

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