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Cringe-worthy Texts You Won’t Believe People Confessed To

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Texting should be the easiest form of communication, but you gotta keep your head in the game! A poorly-worded message to the wrong person can be downright mortifying. It happens to the best of us, but it sure is a lot funnier when it happens to someone else.

These people, unbelievably, admitted to the world that they have been the senders or recipients of some of the most cringe-worthy messages possible. Take heed, and avoid repeating their mistakes.

When you start a rumor about yourself

“After drunkenly making out with a co-worker, I sent a hungover text to apologize and make sure we were both clear it was a mistake none of our coworkers have to know about.

I sent it to another coworker with the same name. My god, the office gossip…”


If the Lannisters Lived Today

My brother and I were flying back from my other brother’s place. He’s sitting next to me on the plane and I get a text from him:

“I can’t wait to be inside you”


Context is Everything.

“Something like, “he passed away early this morning, it was sudden, the doctors say it was in his sleep and peaceful.”

It was supposed to be to my wife about a friend’s dad who died.

Instead, I sent it to one of my brother’s who had asked, “have you talked to him lately?” about our other brother a couple of days before

So he got the text, and then no follow up from me cause I was running around, and phoned me like 10 times.

I felt so bad for scaring the sh*t out of him.”


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