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Cringe-worthy Texts You Won’t Believe People Confessed To

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It just keeps getting worse and worse

“I sent my wife a rather explicit text message on my phone whilst also typing a message to my friend on the computer. Thought I made a huge mixup and texted my wife “sorry wrong person.”

Realized my mistake when she responded, “Who was it supposed to be for?!?!”

Funny enough, I responded that it was for my friend and she was at first like “Oh, ok.” But then a second later she was like “What!?” in regards to the first, explicit message.

I gave up after that and just called her to explain. Was way easier. Texting does not convey meanings very well, no matter how many emojis you put on them.”


When you’re accidentally nice to dad

My phone doesn’t save names on some occasions and instead, only saves numbers, so I know contacts by the last three digits.

My girlfriend’s number ends in 838, my girlfriend’s step dad’s number ends in 838.

I sent him a message simply saying, “heading off to bed now, will talk to you tomorrow, love you x…”

He replied with “I love you too, but I think you should also tell Alice that just in case she gets jealous.”


As if that makes it any better, this awkward text was actually supposed to go to a sister

“I texted my boss

“Hey slut, how’s the truck stop treating you?”

He texted back, “LOL”

I am surprised my boss took it as well as he did.

It’s not the first time I called him “slut” in a text meant for my sister.

I probably should start calling my sister something else.

– nativehoneybaby

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