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Cringe-worthy Texts You Won’t Believe People Confessed To

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Wholesome Marine squad goals

“I somewhat frequently text my Marines, both subordinate and superior, “I love you,” instead of the wife.

And yes, most of the time they just text back, “I love you too.“”


When you accidentally book a shopping date with the boss

Not as embarrassing as the others here, but I meant to text my wife that “we will go clothes shopping after I get off work” but I sent it to my boss. He just texted back “OK, but I gotta usher at mass first.”


That escalated quickly.

“I once sent “don’t be a little b*tch” to my attending physician (as a medical student). It was meant for my brother but the attending had just sent me a text saying he was running late.

Luckily he laughed it off, but I almost died.”


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