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Cringe-worthy Texts You Won’t Believe People Confessed To

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Quite the message to send in a corporate office!

“Not a text, but about 15 years ago, I worked in the corporate office for a bank in Charlotte.

A buddy of mine also worked there and we’d email insults to each other all day because we were bored. And when you work in offices, you get emails all day from higher-ups about nonsense. So, you see where this is going.

I emailed the head of the HR department accidentally and said his wife blows goats. It was a wonder I wasn’t fired immediately.”


When you admit to being a stalker

Earlier I meant to text my boyfriend “I see you!!” I accidentally sent it to my sorority sister and immediately told her that I sent it to the wrong person and she replied back “okay, I was a little creeped out because I just stepped out of the shower”


When you make a graphic mistake

My BFF is a girl I’ve known for 20 years, over 20 if you count BBS chats. There has never been anything sexual between us, we just have similar senses of humor. Also semi-relevant she’s a little white girl I’m a big black dude.

Post-divorce I finally came outta my funk and started chatting up this girl at work also a little white girl and a bit submissive, I had a bit of a buzz and things had moved to sexting.

I was also chatting with my BFF at the same time, got the bubbles backward and sent something along the lines of “so how much longer you gonna make me wait? I wanna pin your little white a** to the bed and make you scream into your pillow.”

My friend sends me back a pic of one of her cats laying on her pillow with “will this p***y work?” as the caption.

Her husband sent me another picture of one of their other cats on the couch asking about this p***y instead. I ended up getting cat pictures all night from both of them.


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