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Cringe-worthy Texts You Won’t Believe People Confessed To

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When you AND your parents learn too much about each other

“I once sent a text that I thought was going to my wife. It wasn’t near as explicit as most of the texts I’ve sent her, but it still talked about wanting to have sex later.

I heard my phone buzz a minute or two later and had gotten a text back saying “I don’t think this was meant for me” from my mom.

I was so embarrassed and immediately texted back saying I was sorry and she was correct in assuming it was for my wife and not her. The next text back was the worst part, she responded “don’t worry, it’s ok. Your dad also sends those types of messages, mostly while he’s at church.”

Was too embarrassed to tell my wife and my mood was killed so I just smoked a cigarette and went to bed.

It caused me to add a heart emoji in front of my wife’s name so that I knew not to send those messages without seeing the heart emoji first. Still, have never mentioned it to my wife and have not told anyone about it.”

– Deleted User

When you talk trash right to their face

“Dad was being a pain in the ass again, careful when you get home.” Sent to my Dad.


When you request a bit too much birthday love

“So how about a lap dance for the birthday boy” sent to my sister accidentally, on my birthday.

She still brings that up every now and again.


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