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Cringe-worthy Texts You Won’t Believe People Confessed To

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A textbook definition of “unsolicited nudes”

“I accidentally sent a picture of my erect d*ck to my dad.”


Experience the true beauty of a group chat

“This was right when Smart Phones became a thing, and I was a bit late to the party because of when my upgrade was scheduled. So, I had just gotten a new smart phone, wasn’t fully acquainted with all of the new/different features, and I was pretty drunk one night.

Remember how on old cell phones you could send a mass text and no one would be any the wiser? Well, I sent out a mass booty call text to like twenty girls on my phone, thinking it was twenty separate messages.

Instead, it was my first experience with a new thing called a “group chat.” So that was really awkward. My friends still talk about it, lol. Good times.

The worst part was that they all started talking to each other. About me. I felt like Adam Sandler in wedding singer when he’s singing about Linda.”


A word to the wise

“LPT: if you catch that you’ve texted the wrong person on an iPhone before the text had gone all the way through, quickly swipe up and put your phone on airplane mode.

You’ll get an error on the text that it never sent. You can now delete it.”


Spoken like a true professional.

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