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Designer Pups You’ll Want to Adopt Immediately

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Who doesn’t love dogs! Do you not love dogs? What’s wrong with you?

Listen. Dogs are man’s best friends, and with good reason. Puppers are kind, loving, loyal and fiercely, fiercely cute.

And the best things about them? There’s a type for everyone. If one kind of dog’s temperament doesn’t work for you, we’re willing to guarantee that there are at least half a dozen other dog breeds you’ll find irresistible. But while everyone knows about Golden Retrievers and Dachshunds, some dog breeds are less heard of but equally deserving of love.

We’ve compiled a list of the cutest, less-known breeds out there for you to gush over, so strap in and take your cuteness overload pills, because this is going to be a fluffy, adorable ride.

Aussie Pom

Aussie Poms, as their name suggests, are a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian.

Known to be loyal, trainable and affectionate, they make for a perfect companion dog. This, in addition to their small size (not to mention their adorable blue eyes) makes them the ultimate household pet according to many owners – and they tend to be relatively long living, very often reaching ages as old as 15 – so if you adopt one, you really are adopting a friend for life!


Corgis, it’s safe to say, are the plushiest, most teddiebear-like dog breed – but they are known for their somewhat standoffish personality. Still, who doesn’t want to pick up a corg and squeeze them tight?

But if you’re looking for something that’s as cute as a corg, but with a calmer temperament, you might want to look at getting a Corgle – also known as a Beagi.

This cross between a corgi and a beagle boasts the best features of both breeds – the corg’s stout, adorable frame, and the beagle’s big puppy eyes and easy personality!


Okay, can we stop and just gush for a minute?

We’ve googled hundreds – nay, thousands!! MILLIONS!!! – of photos of Pomskys, and each one is better than the other.

A cross between a pomeranian and a Husky, these guys are fluff-covered packages of joy. Extremely intelligent and full of personality, Pomskys are almost too cute to bear.

Trust us, just go on Instagram and look for more photos. Even the most cold-hearted cat lover won’t be able to resist their doggy charm.

Golden Dox

Golden Retrievers are known the world over for being Good Boys. Their friendly personality and bright, optimistic disposition wins everyone over – but sometimes, they can be a little too energetic, or just plain too big, to be kept in an apartment or a small home. These guys need space, okay?

Still, fear not, fellow apartment dwellers. Some genius has come up with a solution: The Golden Dox. A cross between a Dachshund and a Golden Retriever, these guys are like furry little hot dogs with a Golden Retriever’s face pasted on the front.

What’s not to love?


Wheaten Terriers are known for friendly, energetic, loving temperament – as well as for their smarts! – while Poodles probably need no introduction. So a cross between the two, resulting in the Whoodle, doesn’t just create an adorable name, but also an energetic, adorable and eager to please breed.

“But wait!” You might be saying. “That all sounds great, but I’m allergic to dogs!”

Not to worry, dear friend! Your compromised autoimmune system need not be a barrier between you and your prospective Whoodle! In addition to be being heart-achingly cute, these suckers are also hypoallergenic!



Say it with us! “CORGIPOO!!!!!”

YES! This is the dog we’ve been waiting for! Is it a corg? Is it a poodle? Is it something transcendent?

The answer to all of these questions is, of course, a very emphatic “YES!”

Hypoallergenic like many other poodle crossbreeds, these precious little puffs of fur are a mix between the regal Corg and the feisty Pood.

If we could, we’d enter a play pen filled with thousands of these guys and just roll around forever.


Ever heard of a Goberian?

No, despite its name, it’s not some sort of fantastic creature from a faraway land. The Goberian is what you get when breed a Siberian Husky and a Golden Retriever. The breed can feature a variety of coat colors and patterns, but the definitive version is one that displays the features of its two parents most prominently – striking blue eyes and a silky golden coat.

These guys are pretty big, but don’t worry: they’re very smart, very friendly and very gentle.


Love dogs so much you want to keep one in your front shirt pocket indefinitely?

Ask, and ye shall receive. 

The Yorkipoo (YORKIPOOOOO!!!!!) is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a small poodle. 

These guys are as cute as they are tiny – and considering their miniature size only makes them cuter, adopting one puts the owners in a severe risk of cuteness overload.

Personally, we could do with more cuteness overloads in our lives – but for some, this may be a little too hot to handle!

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