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Double Trouble! – The Stunt Doubles Behind our Favorite Action Stars

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Emilia Clarke and Rosie Mac

It’s difficult to think of a woman who’s more stunning than Game of Thronesactress Emilia Clarke… And then there’s Rosie Mac. Her stunt resume includes only 10 episodes of the epic HBO series, but that didn’t stop her from becoming the only stunt double associated with Daenerys Targaryen. Mac gained thousands of followers after her photos went viral, because the internet couldn’t believe how much she resembled the real Khaleesi. She’s also an aspiring singer and model, and it seems it’s highly likely her career will go into that direction.

Andrew Garfield and William Spencer

Most people aren’t fans of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movies, but William Spencer may disagree. He had a blast doing stunts for the young English actor, but he’s focusing on other things right now. Spencer is a super-talented skateboarder and 60K Instagram followers enjoy watching his tricks every day.

Faye Marsay and Casey Michaels

We all know Faye Marsay as The Waif in HBO’s Game of Thrones. But while Faye Marsay’s character is tough, the actress sometimes needs someone else to take over for her. When that happens, she calls upon third-generation stuntperson Casey Michaels to help her out.

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