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Double Trouble! – The Stunt Doubles Behind our Favorite Action Stars

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Hugh Jackman and Daniel Stevens

Getting into “Wolverine shape” takes a lot of work, but Hugh Jackman wasn’t the only person who had to do it. His body double Daniel Stevens also had to bulk up every time Australian actor went back to playing the X-Men hero. They looked so much alike while wearing their Wolverine costume that Jackman’s daughter once mistook Stevens for her dad! Jackman may be his most notable collaborator, but Stevens’ list of high-profile co-workers doesn’t end there. He also doubled for Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine and Charlie Hunnam.

Colin Firth and Rick English

Everyone remembers that iconic church scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service, but Colin Firth shouldn’t be the one receiving all the credit. Rick English was there every step of the way. The award winning stuntman came highly recommended since he already worked with everyone from Brad Pitt to Nicolas Cage.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Peter Kent

You’d think Arnie would never ask someone else to do his job, but he’s not as invincible as he seems. Terminator was one of his career-defining roles and it was Peter Kent’s job to step in whenever a certain action sequence seemed too much for Schwarzenegger to handle. Kent’s ripped physique made him the perfect choice for Arnie’s double and they worked together for over a decade.

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