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Double Trouble! – The Stunt Doubles Behind our Favorite Action Stars

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Ryan Reynolds and Will Erichson

Ryan Reynolds won us over with his role of a foul-mouthed but likeable superhero in the first Deadpool movie. Action sequences quickly went off the charts, and he probably wouldn’t have been able to get out alive if it wasn’t for his body double Will Erichson. Despite being pretty new to showbiz, Erichson already did stunts in several big-budget movies and served as Stephen Amell’s regular double on the set of Arrow.

Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Molinari

Mark Ruffalo’s body double looks like his long-lost brother. That’s why he was the perfect man to help him out with action scenes on the set of Now You See Me, but that wasn’t how they met. Molinari already did his stunts when Ruffalo starred in romantic comedy Just Like Heaven in 2005.

Anthony Mackie and Aaron Toney

There’s no way it’s easy to fly in Falcon’s suit, but Anthony Mackie doesn’t have to do it on his own. Aaron Toney is there to replace him every time things get difficult and Mackie isn’t the only Marvel actor who asked him for help. Toney also did stunts on the set of Black Panther and served as a double for both Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan.

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