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Double Trouble! – The Stunt Doubles Behind our Favorite Action Stars

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Dave Bautista and Rob de Groot

Yep, you’ve read it right. Even WWE legend Dave Bautista can’t do it all on his own. The heavyweight champion kick-started a successful movie career with his role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, but some of his fight scenes were too demanding. Rob de Groot was by his side from the very start and did stunts in every project he was cast in from that point on.

The Rock and Tanoai Reed

When Tanoai Reed ended his career as a professional football player, he hoped the biggest physical challenges of his life were finally behind him. It became clear he was wrong when his cousin Dwayne Johnson asked him to do his stunts for The Scorpion King. Reed said “Yes”, hoping it’s a one-time thing, but The Rock transformed into one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars in the years to come. His cousin Reed kept coming back to help him out, but admitted that jumping off buildings and getting hit by cars isn’t a painless task, and that it’s taking serious toll on his body.

Jay Hernandez and Alex Armbruster

When Alex Armbruster doubled for Jay Hernandez’s character of Diablo in Suicide Squad, he probably didn’t count on fracturing his leg, but flying 60 ft. backwards up a flight of stairs, pulled by a wire and crashing through a window are just another day on the job for this Canadian stuntman. Taking that sort of hit so that Jay wouldn’t have to definitely formed a special kind of bond between the two!

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