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Family Thinks They Adopt A Puppy, Until This Happens

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A family from China was in for the shock of their life when they found out two years after getting a puppy, he wasn’t a dog at all.

Su Yun from the Yunnan province wanted a dog very badly and did her research and decided on getting a Tibetan Mastiff. She knew that these dogs grow to be huge dogs, many reach over 200 pounds.

However, she knew pretty quickly something was off about her young “dog.” He ate huge quantities of any food he could find. She told one reporter that as he started to grow he would eat a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day. Then things got very strange when he ballooned to 250 pounds and, shockingly, started to walk on its back legs.

That’s when she realized her dog didn’t actually look like a dog anymore and it resembled another animal altogether. He looked suspiciously like a bear. She called a wildlife rescue team, who confirmed in fact she had been duped, and adopted a baby bear.

The Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre identified the bear as an endangered species known as the Asiatic Black Bear. According to reports, black bears are often sold in the black market for a lot of money and are sometimes masked as expensive dog breeds that fetch small fortunes.

Reports of the same thing happening have popped a few times in China where people were sold bears, thinking they were puppies. While other people were sold foxes thinking they were puppies as well.

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