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Healthy Foods That You Should Eat At Least Once A Week

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Nothing is more certain about the present day world than the lack of time on our hands. Job, school, obligations, and social lives don’t leave us much time to eat healthy. Although this can be detrimental to our health, there are easy ways to bypass the lack of nutrients. These foods are the key to the improvement of your health. Try and eat those as much as you can!


Depression can sometimes be a great weight that’s holding us down and preventing us from being the best we can be. The reason for this depression can sometimes be the lack of vitamin B12 and folate. A lack of these substances can be detrimental to your health. If you want to get a refill of them, eat asparagus.


We get it, avocado is expensive and hard to find. You don’t have to eat it three times a day. A weekly dose of it might be the health boost you’ve always needed. Thanks to its cholesterol-lowering powers, it might just be the relief your blood pressure needs. It is a good choice for cardiovascular conditions.


We often hear about the horrific cases of prostate cancer, but there is much more that can affect this organ. Prostate enlargement is also a great problem when it comes to prostate health. Carrots are simply filled with a substance called beta-carotene. It can make your prostate problems disappear in the blink of an eye.

Dark Chocolate

In many cases, we get the notion of sweets being bad for our organism. Although this may be true, not all sweet things are bad, to say the least. Dark chocolate is one example of this exception. Filled with flavanols, you can use it to protect your body from skin damage and internal inflammations.


Fennel is a great filler for many meals. It’s incredibly low in the calorie department, and it boasts one of the juiciest textures amongst all foods. On top of that, it protects your cells from oxidative stress and can even contribute to the stagnation of your tumor cells.

Garbanzo Beans

These exotic beans are a staple of many Mediterranean cuisines. Brought from the Middle East, these fiber-rich goodies can turn your health around. A single cup is enough to cover all your fiber needs. It also improves blood pressure and get rid of digestive problems. If you’re looking for your weekly boost, there is an ideal candidate in these beans.

Goji Berries

These amazing berries are a staple of Chinese medicine for over 6 millennia. If a food manages to withstand the hands of time this long, you know it’s something amazing. With the help of modern science, we can finally see why they are so good. Goji berries can eradicate tumors and improve your immune system. An ideal choice!

Green Tea

This drink isn’t only good for afternoon chit chats and morning talks with your friends. A bastion of healthy substances, green tea contains many kinds of antioxidants that can turn your health around in a matter of days. Just avoid mixing tea with milk because it lowers the antioxidant levels drastically.

Lean Red Meat

For many years we have heard about the so-called terrible effects of red meat. All of them have proven to be untrue and have propelled this amazing dietary addition to the pinnacle of our diets. An incredibly rich amount of protein hides in the muscle fibers of these meats. They also contain loads of zinc, a key when it comes to testosterone production.


Lentils are a key to every older person’s diet. Why is that? Well, for starters, they have the ability to increase calcium absorption and reinforce the structure of our bones. They are also a potent source of protein and a key element of every vegan or vegetarian diet. It isn’t without a reason.


Although oysters are known as more of an aphrodisiac, they are much more than that. With their high zinc content, they boost testosterone and sperm production within the male body. Eating oysters directly influence fertility. Plus they’re tasty!

Peanut Butter

Sans the jelly, peanut butter has super powers of its own. A miraculous spread, it deserves much more recognition in the world of nutrition. It has a very low glycemic index, which makes it the ideal food for diabetics. If you’re eating some other carb-rich meal, peanut butter can also neutralize the effects of those carbohydrates, too.


There is no justice to be done to the wonders of salmon in such a small paragraph. How to cram information about a food that is low in calories, high in protein and an incredible source of vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids? Even though it’s somewhat expensive, eating it once a week can do wonders for your health and libido. What are you waiting for?


Sardines are somewhat shunned to the side in comparison to tuna. However, a can of sardines can contain more than three days worth of selenium – an important micronutrient that preserves liver health. Disregarding it completely may lead to disruptions in the functioning of your liver. Therefore, a can of sardines per week is everything you need in the world.

Sunflower Seeds

Aside from being an instrumental part of Slavic culture, sunflower seeds areamazing for your health due to the fact they are filled with magnesium. Having sufficient or high levels of magnesium can help curb depression, help sleep and add more strength to your muscles. There is simply no reason not to grab a bag a chew on them while catching a movie.


If you’re vegan, vegetarian or if you want to avoid high amounts of fat, your dream food will be tofu. This complete protein-filled tofu includes all the essential amino acids that your body needs. Eating it once a week will do wonders for your workout progress and general athletic performance. Soy proteins are also known to be more easily digested.

Tomato Juice

By being trapped without tomatoes during their off-season, you risk stripping yourself of some quality lycopene. This substance is an important building block in the functionality of our bodies’ immune system. By squeezing tomato juice out of the fruits when you have them, you can have many gallons stored for the winter. A cup a day keeps the inflammations away.


If milk is the staple of our daily diet, then yogurt definitely deserves a weekly appearance on your menu. This essential dairy product is full of calcium, potassium, and probiotics – healthy bacteria that form our intestinal flora and improve the absorption of nutrients. Simply switching milk for yogurt one day a week will be a game changer for you.


Omega-3 fatty acids are found in many different places. If you don’t like fish or simply avoid meat, flaxseeds are the ideal choice for you. They contain loads of fiber and are good to combine with many different meals. By adding this versatile superfood to the menu, you will get a nutritional bomb your body will crave forever and ever.

Pumpkin Seeds

Everybody’s on the hunt for a small, concentrated and nutritious meal. By introducing pumpkin seeds to your organism, you have the chance to add some antioxidants and micronutrients. A weekly dose is enough to make a definite change in the health department. Capitalize on this cheap and healthy food. You deserve it.


Rare are the foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. Even more rare are those who are entirely plant-based and high in protein. Quinoa fits the bill perfectly. If you want to introduce it cleverly, you can make noodles or different kinds of pasta from this delicious plant-protein food. Even if you’re not vegan, your stomach could use some much-needed rest by digesting quinoa.


Fruits have been somewhat underrated in recent years and we must say – this is a criminal mistake. It’s time to get fruits back where they belong – to the top. And what better way to start than with berries? A fiber-filled superfood, berries contain both taste and substance, the dynamic duo that makes your taste buds tremble and your stomach scintillate.


If you’re looking for cheap, exciting, versatile and tasty sources of protein, look no further than your morning scrambled eggs. They can increase your muscle, volume, athletic performance and everything, while also improving your eyesight. The ocular improvement is due to lutein and zeaxanthin – two very powerful compounds. Give eggs more chances, they won’t disappoint you.


Iron hasn’t been that well represented on this list, don’t you think? Fear not, beans are here to rescue and add some much needed iron doses to your body. Why is iron even important? It’s mostly because it transports oxygen all over your body. We need it and without the sufficient dose, problems quickly ensue.


Different kinds of nuts will bring different kinds of benefits. Keep in mind that they’re very high in calories and good fats. If you are bulking and thinking of adding more muscle mass, you’re welcome to dig in. If you’re on a diet, don’t worry – you can eat a small dose and still get the needed benefits. It’s one of the most mystical and amazing foods in the present day world.


This Middle Eastern spread is booming in recent years, and who can blame it? It’s incredibly healthy, filled with chickpeas and the ever-tasty tahini. The aroma is filled with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. It boosts your immune system, it is an excellent routine-breaker and a stable food addition.


Vitamin C’s importance can’t be stressed enough, but we’ll continue insisting on its featuring just about everywhere. The best way to get is from oranges, which, we might say, make a pretty fine juice. Just one glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice is more than enough for your daily dose. By introducing OJ once a week, your body will start experiencing changes immediately. Trust us on this one.

Sweet Potatoes

Regular potatoes are always the bomb, don’t get us wrong. However, sweet potatoes are an excellent alternative with much less fat in it. You can get alpha and beta-carotene, which are diverted into vitamin A, which can help your vision immensely. And since they’re not so common, they can add some exotic flair to your banquets, don’t you say?


What can we say about broccoli that hasn’t been said. Regardless of the means of expression, broccoli will always stay amazing and flawless. Low in calories and high in vitamins A and C, you can ensure a healthy meal if you center it around broccoli. It can contain even sufficient amounts of protein, which can allow you to improve your physique. Plus, it can also give you a break from meat.


Popeye’s fuel, his ultimate motivation when he runs into furious battle against the many villains of his world. Filled to the brink with vitamins A, C, and K, spinach is simply out of this world in terms of nutritional value.

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