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Hidden Nature: Animal Antics Caught on Hidden Camera

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When we humans meet animals, they usually see us, respond to us, and change the way they behave. That’s why the images collected here, taken by hidden cameras, are so interesting – they show us the ay animals behave when there are no humans around. Continue reading to see some of the funniest, cutest and most intriguing behaviors of animals.

Oh Deer!

“What’s this camera doing here? Did they hide it? But why? Ah, who cares!”

Reindeer Lost His Temper

You know you’re having a bad day when a statue annoys you so much you stab it with your horns.

Cute Baby Lions

Isn’t it nice to have someone to keep you company during lonely nights in the forest? These young lions understand it pretty well.


This bear is so adorable, lookin like Baloo from The Jungle Book, waiting for honey to drop. But this is not the beehive and he’s just waiting for nothing.

Whatcha Doing There?

While there is nothing suspicious about an otter munching on a fish, there is something about his face that looks like he is doing something wrong. This cute little guy just wanted a midnight snack and we’re not mad at him for that. Maybe he wasn’t too happy with his choice of fish and he’d prefer a cod or tuna, we’ll never have the answer. Either way, we hope it filled him up.

Operation: Landing

Owls are predators; no matter the size of their prey, they will try and hunt it. Poor deer, we hope it got away!

Lurking from Behind

This wolf has no idea someone is watching him while he’s eating his dinner, but the lurker seems smaller than the wolf. Will he be brave and risk life in order to get some food?

This Camera Tastes Nice!

With all that grass to munch on, this dear apparently chose the camera instead.

Enjoying Life

This wild cat on a “hammock” is clearly showing the deer who’s the boss around here.

Deep Look

This horror-movie-like scene is actually much more innocent than it looks – it’s just an animal inspecting a camera closely.

Don’t Mess with the Animal Kingdom

This guy is happy to hold the deer’s antlers, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of the lion behind him. Watch out! That’s what happens when you mess with animals!

Help Me!

Is this raccoon scared of the deer or the camera? It’s not easy to tell.

Watch Me Dance!

Now this deer knows his moves! His buddies are so tired of him constantly showing off they won’t even look at him.

Howling in the Night

Three wolfs, just doing their thing.

Gossiping Rodents

Seems like there is a big new gossip in the woods and these rodents are quick to spread the news.

Is This How You Pose for Facebook?

Very close, bear, very close.

Do You Mind?

Just a wolf minding his own business, thinking nobody’s watching…

Is This For Eating?

Hey birdie, can you please not eat the camera? Thanks.

Top Secret Meeting

What could they possibly be discussing?

Do You Like My New Hair?

That bush goes perfect with your antlers, deer.

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