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High Maintenance: Outrageous Things Celebs Demand Backstage

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This list of the most extravagant celebrity on-set demands is all about the most spoiled stars and their most ridiculous requests backstage or at various events. Wishlist? Ridiculous requests? Maybe “completely unreasonable famous-person demands” is more accurate. Million-dollar buses? Weird food demands? Specific candy color requests? Toilet seats? They’re all here.

A lot of the stars on this list are musicians, rock stars, and divas. It’s hard to say exactly why this is, but it may be more about image than anything else. Rock stars are known for making crazy demands and trashing hotel rooms if they don’t get their way, so if a guy who sings well while holding a guitar doesn’t also do those eccentric things, is he truly a rock star? 

Look over this list, be amazed at the most extravagant celebrity demands, and then use them as inspirado for your own best life. 

Jennifer Lopez

For her appearance in the remake of “What’s Going On,” a song made for charity, Jennifer Lopez asked for a 45-foot trailer with at least two doors. Wait, the song is for charity? Okay, she said that if a 45-foot trailer isn’t available, it could be a 40-foot trailer. But nothing smaller.

The trailer needed to have a white room with white flowers and white tables and white drapes and white couches and white candles. Wait, the song is for charity? Okay, she says it’s okay if the tables aren’t white, as long as they have white table cloths over them.

Also, some fruit punch would be nice. XOXO, J.LO.

Kanye West

Kanye West has rapped about wealth and poverty, religion and race, love and heartbreak, but it would seem as if there’s one subject close to his heart that he hasn’t wrapped about yet: Cotton. Yes, West won’t allow any of his drivers to wear anything besides 100% cotton.

Van Halen

Definitely the most well-known for their outrageous celebrity requests, Van Halen had a type-written 53-page document detailing their wishes for their 1982 world tour. Buried in the middle of the list, somewhere between the “herring in sour cream” and “Schlitz Malt Liquor” was the now infamous “M&M’s (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES).”

Much has been made of this ridiculous request, but the actual reason for it turns out to be very smart. The members of the band used it as a test, hiding it in the middle of the long document to quickly discern if the venue was paying attention. The idea being that if they had missed the no brown M&M request, they might also miss more important things like audio setup and pyrotechnic safety.

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