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Hilariously Honest Notes From Kids

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Kids often have a unique and adorable perspective on things, thanks to their lack of experience in this world. They can provide a fresh angle (most of the times, completely by accident) on things we find ordinary and even boring. These examples will show you what we’re talking about – just check out these hilarious notes written by kids!

Aggressive one

That’s not how it works, Brooke. “Dear Mom, Thank yo sooooo much for being my mom. If I had a dfferent Mom I would punch her in the face and go find you. Love, Brooke”


Does Sarah consider them friends, too? “I met a new friend named Sarah. We became friends because I kicked her in the face and said sorry.”

What we all mean when we apologize

“Sorry because of nothing”

Close enough

What every teacher wants to hear. “Dear Mrs McMahon, Your a good teacher but not my most favourite”

Don’t slack off, tooth fairy

Annisa needs that money. “Dear tooth fairy, I lost my tooth on 23 of Oct. Now it is Nov 12. I lost my tooth in pizza. I lost both today. You owe me $1.00 not to be hard but I need money. Annisa”

Plot Twist

Poor dad. “Dear Dad, I’m so glad that me and Isaac are staying with you! Me and Isaac miss you! I hope you and mom will git back together! But you and mom won’t. Because my mom dose not like you.”

More luck next time

Oh, Joyce. “Dear God, Thank you for the baby brother but what I prayed for was a puppy. Joyce”


Really sad or just a good manipulator? “Dear Mom and Dad dont bother to give me dinner im not that hungry. Luke From the saddest person in the world”

Better than nothing

Mommy must be so proud. “Mommy I love u sometimes!!!!!”

Sorry Brody, not sorry

“Dear Brody, Miss P made me write you this note, all I want to say sorry for is not being sorry cause I tried to feel sorry but I don’t. Liam”

Pick gifts carefully

Don’t give guns if you don’t want to be shot. “Thank you for the amazin sqirt gun I will shoot you with. Scott”

Someone’s grumpy

“Dear Julian, Have a great day! Love, mom” “I will not”

Blackmailing 101

“I won’t love you if you make me clean my room”

Started good…

How can you be such a regular mom, mom?? “I think my dad is the most interesting person I know. It was easy to pick my dad over my mom because she’s more like a regular mom.”

The importance of spelling

Um.. you meant cook, right? “My dad is the best cock ever!”

Never assume

He really dident. “I am running away becas. you think I farted when I dident. PS You are mean”


That’s what moms are for “Thank you mom for making me food so I don’t die”

Illustrate your feelings

Buckets full of tears are not to be joked about. “Mom, Dad I love you but you can’t cut my hair if you do I will never fogive you I love my hair and guess you don’t love me enough to do what I want for a change.”

As long as it.. rhymes?

“Mom, I love you more than rainbows and beautiful blue skies, I love you more than buttercups and wings of butterflies. I love you more than… COW”

Brutal honesty

“Eric and mom do not take because mom has a but problem and eric takes to much”

Take that, dog

How do you like that? “When I was eight years old, my neighbour’s dog kept poping on my yard so one day I poped on his yard.”

Horable. Do not drink

Does it taste so horrible that you forgot how to spell? “This tost horable”

Don’t we all?

“When I grow up I want to be a dog”

The young love

Ashley seems to get easily bored. “Dear Ashley, would you please be my girlfriend I like you a lot. Yes No Maybe Ps. Please put yes no or maybe” “I’m sorry I already have a boyfriend Kyle but when we break up your my next choice. P.S. that will probably be a month or two”

100% effective

How does your family deal with stress? “Positive Ways Our Family Handles Stress” “Suck it up”

Any of us could’ve been that kid

“My one wish is… for it to rain tacos”

Enjoy it while it lasts, Frankie

“Name: Frankie I earn money at home by… I don’t I am a freeloader”


“Good morning, I see my assassins have failed. Katherine”

What did Valerie do?

“Dear Valerie, Get out of my life”

Simple as that

“The difference between 180 and 158 is 22. Explain how you found your answer in Problem 4. Math.”

When in doubt, illustrate

Dad can’t ignore this message “Dad remember, Father and son day not father sleeps on his bed day understand”

Good young human

Textbooks are the only place where you are allowed to hit a dog. “The man pet the dog. (fit, hit) You should not hit dogs.

Mom being mom

“My Mom like’s drinking wine”

But I still love you

“I hope you get a lot of presents and a Happy Merry Christmas. And you are fat.”

You raised her well

Good kids always tell their parents where they are going, even if it’s running away. “Mom, I’m going to run away tomroe at 9:30 wean you and Dad are steepping. Be sure to say good by for ever. Emily P.S. I will be packing tonight”

Just so you know

“Im angry at you and im not talking to you today and tomorrow. P.S all day P.S.S I still love you”

Watch out, Santa

This is the last warning. “Dear Santa, You better bring my pony this year. Or there will be consequences.”

Pro tip

Larry has a point here. “Dear God, Maybe Cain and Abel would not kill each other so much if they had their own rooms. It works with my brother. Larry”

Say what?

“My pen is in a goat”

A sincere apology

“Rachel, by the time you find this it should be a long time. Sorry but I read your diary up to Aug 21, 2002. I’m glad that you cared about Joe stealing my cards Sorry again. Carl Sep 22, 2002”

What in the world did he mean to say?

“My favorite stuffed animal is a turtle. My favorite food is penis. My favorite animal is turtle.”
What in the world did he mean to say?

Have you, Uncle Bryan?

“Dear Uncle Bryan, I hope you have a good birthday. I love you Uncle Bryan. How are you? Have your hird of saten? he makes you do bad thagings. Love Rebekkah”

Um, okay.

“I enjoy singing. My mum wears a ring. I like banging”

Taking about a day

“I rosted (roasted) moshmelo (marshmallow). It was fun! I Played with cock (chalk), i wet cock (chalk). I liked it! I got mesy! I did not care.”

This one doesn’t sugarcoat it

“At school I ate stale cheetos with lunch thanks mom. Played math games. Learned about oil spill worked on contracons.”

Snack stealing daddy

“Dear mommy I do not think I say this oftn I love you very very very very very ok this is the last one very much and I’ve got a poum for you roses are red just like your fase when dad eats our snak”

Joseph gets it

“It takes balls to be a Dad -Joseph”

You did what, mom?

“Dear Mom, please stop burping up poop on my bed.”

How could she not

“Ms. Dickerson just for you. Ms. Dickerson I love you like a cat and I no you love me to”

Sounds like a plan

“If I were a Thanksgiving turkey I’d run to the ocean and swim to Japan”

Abby the explorer

“I think there is a monster under my bed. I am brave so I will breck it out. Update: hold your fire. As for now, ther is no monster under the bed. Just a popsicle stick and a ded bug. Abby”

If you would be so kind to explain

“Dear Sir/Madam, I love mini oreo biscuits especially the cream, but the last few packets I have had contained a biscuit without cream. Please explain. Alice Riley age 7”

When you’re right you’re right

“Dear God,” If you let the dinasor not extinct we would not have a country. You did the right thing.” Jonathan”

Mean? Not good in any case

“I hat mom bcusss she is men”

Breaking hearts from young age

“From: Delandreh To: Krystal Im breaking up with you.” P.S happy anniversary though (1-month)” Its really hard to do this”

Always be specific with your requests

“Bear tooth fairy may you please give me fourty five dollars or more love Taylor”

Six-year-old’s joke

“Hi dad a ran oway just ciding i’m in my bedroom”

The disappointment is real

“Dear toothfairy, what hapnned? why? why did you skip me?”

As long as he apologized

“Dear Dad,” today at math the teacher was talking about basketballs, footballs, and baseballs and I started laughing because she said balls. And the teach sall me, so I got introuble because I was laughing about her sayin balls. It was inapropriate and I won’t do it again.” Hate, Carson”

It’s the thought that counts

“You are a beautiful human being, but i’m not good at drawin human beings so I have drawn a potato instead. But potatoes are beautiful to in its own way.”

This nature lover is hurt

“Never put nature aside for television. You burned my filings today, and I am warning you never to do what you did today again.”

What would you do if you had a superpower?

“April 21, 1988 If I were invisable I would ceck on my brother see if he is being bad. If he is I will tell on him, and then I will do it again. I love telling on my brother”

Checked myself

“Important notice Every toilet in the building are possessed”

Just bragging

“I fart all the time”

Oh, Katie

“I am sorry I farted in your presence and laughed about it. Sincerely Katie”

I wouldn’t mess with this one

“If you put a pas word on that I will make your life a nitmare”

Now that’s a useful skill

“What would you still like to learn? How Jayden gets girls”

Been wondering the same

“Dear God,” Did you mean for giraffe to look like that or was it an accident. Norma”

Good for you

“I love my mum I have a dad”

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