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Hollywood Hunks Who Used to be Homely

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You know the old geek to chic story. The high school nerd becomes the heartthrob. So true for Hollywood and some of the “sexiest men alive. The scary part is these aren’t all pictures from before they were famous… Some of the awful celebrity photos on this list were taken when these hot guys were already super famous (but not rich enough to hire a stylist, apparently).

The problems with these bad celebrity photos are varied. From the bad styling choices of men who generally have the best celebrity hair to the poor fashion choices, there are some ugly celeb pictures in this round-up of pictures of celeb crushes that will make you disown your formerly favorite stars. These tragic celebrity pictures may remind you that even really, really ridiculously good looking people have awkward periods in their lives. What are the worst pictures of hot celebrities? What celebrity crushes are subjects of bad celebrity photos you’ve never seen before? These pictures aren’t here to make you hate your celebrity crushes, but there are some pictures of celebrities you won’t be able to unsee. Take the time, as you’re traumatized by these unsexy celeb photos, to upvote the best of the worst celebrity pictures. 

Brad Pitt

Orlando Bloom

Leonardo DiCaprio

Chris Pratt

Mark Wahlberg

Tom Hardy

Ryan Reynolds

Tom Hiddleston

Shemar Moore

Robert Downey Jr.

Ryan Gosling

Chris Hemsworth

Zac Efron

Charlie Hunnam

Johnny Depp

James And Dave Franco

Hugh Jackman


Will Smith

Jake Gyllenhaal

Justin Trudeau

Colin Farrell

David Beckham

George Clooney

Mario López

Justin Timberlake

Gerard Butler

Ewan McGregor

Pierce Brosnan

Zayn Malik

LeBron James

Bradley Cooper

Idris Elba

Tom Cruise

David Hasselhoff

Tom Brady

Daniel Craig

David Duchovny


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