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How to Tell You’re Definitely Not Ready to Have Kids

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Being a parent seems really hard. Like, scarily difficult. I think it is probably one of the hardest things a person can do. First of all, it is one heck of a time commitment. We are talking at least 18 years, baby! And in this economy, probably way more than that, too. And it’s not just a physical commitment, but an emotional one, and a huge financial one too. I think parents probably sacrifice more than anyone on the planet.

And that is why it can take people a while to be ready to have kids. It is a lot to think about. Some people decide they never want kids, and that is totally cool, too. I respect that decision so much. Whether you are just working up to being ready to take the plunge into parenthood or you have discovered that it is something you never want, these tweets, from people who are definitely not ready to be parents, will make you feel less alone. They are funny, for sure, but they are also so so real.

It takes a special kind of person to not completely lose it when they’re face to face with a crying baby. Needless to say, these people still have some time before they’re ready to have kids.


If you can’t keep a Tamagotchi alive, you probably shouldn’t have a kid. It’s not the same. It’s way easier.


Some of the things I do should disqualify me from being allowed to have kids. You ever forget to do laundry and just decide you’ll buy more underwear instead? Yeah. I’m not ready.

First Birthday

I always forget my dog’s birthday, and not only when it happens, either. If you asked me right now when my dog’s birthday is, I couldn’t tell ya.

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