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Most Outrageous Celeb Prenups

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Steven Spielberg

Turns out the acclaimed director reportedly penned his prenup agreement on a cocktail napkin. Apparently, the napkin had all the details of how he and his wife, Amy Irving, would split their income and properties following a divorce. Unfortunately for Spielberg, a paper napkin doesn’t pull the same weight as a legally binding document. Irving argued that the bib they wrote such important information on could not be taken seriously. The judge agreed, and Spielberg was forced to cough up around $100 million.

Steven Spielberg thought he had a prenup prepared for precisely the reasons one would think. Spielberg is worth a boat load of cash, and he didn’t want to give out more than he should.

Britney Spears

K-Fed made almost nothing on his own in comparison to Britney’s $65 million dynasty. The carefully crafted document made sure that Spears’s ex would walk away with zero of her Britney branded empire.

The 2007 Britney is definitely something no one ever wants to see again. But the one smart decision the singer made was choosing to have a detailed prenup readied in the case of a divorce. When Spears and Federline first married in 2004, few people realized that the event was staged for the paparazzi. Spears, who organized the facade, made sure that none of the ceremony was legally binding, at least not until K-Fed signed the prenup, according to The Daily Mail

Beyoncé & Jay Z

In early 2016, the couple finalized a post-nup which meticulously outlined the split of their assets should a divorce happen. Previous versions of the their prenup offered BeyoncĂ© generous contributions for every year she remained married to Jay Z. Word on the revised version of this contract has yet to be unzipped, but an “insider” told Radar Online that custody of Blue Ivy in the case of a divorce would be 50/50.

BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z’s marriage hasn’t been as rock solid as of late. At least, that’s what Bey’s Lemonade would have you think. But what has been solid is the their record sales. A growing empire and a dwindling marriage calls for an update to the power couple’s prenup, or rather, post-nup.

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