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These Newborn Photos of a French Bulldog Puppy are So Much Better than Human Photos

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The older I get the more I understand that I am weak when it comes to puppies. I literally have zero chill. And my chill was tested when I saw the “newborn” photoshoot of Olive, a French Bulldog puppy. It does not get any cuter than this, folks.

Photographer Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photos snapped the adorable series of Olive and when you see them you will squeal with joy. Olive belongs to Brenden’s friend Rachel, who got her as a gift from her fiancé. He’s a keeper!

We are so happy they made this happen because the photos are just the sweetest thing you’ll see. If you’ve ever seen a newborn baby’s photos, especially since these days they are a very popular style of photography, then you can imagine how precious the photos of Olive are. The photo that made me cry-laugh is the close-up detail shot of Olive’s cute little puppy paws. It’s a close-up shot of her paws, just like a photo of a newborn baby’s feet. This entire shoot was adorable and genius and now I need to see more “newborn” puppy photo shoots.

Newborn photos these days are pretty elaborate

Unless you just joined social media or none of your friends or loose acquaintances have had a baby recently, then you may not know what newborn photoshoots are.

My baby photos weren’t nearly so fancy.

That’s more like it.

Today, they are basically all Anne Geddes

Remember the calendars of other people’s babies dressed as fairies, pea pods, and pumpkins?

Now, everyone is doing it.

We are now in a new era of newborn photos

It’s no longer something done for just baby models or catalogs

Many parents are hiring photographers to take beautiful pictures of their new babes

Newborn photos are definitely a millennial phenomenon. It’s the generation that documents everything in photos, so it makes sense. It’s a great look for Pinterest and Instagram.

Which brings us back to Brenden Boggs

Brenden Boggs of Oh So Cute Photography, specializes in newborn photo shoots and her work is really, well, so cute.

Brenden believed Olive deserved the very same treatment these human babies get.

And I must say I agree.

Rachel agreed to bring her “baby” in for a photoshoot

And we are SO glad she did!

Brenden pulled out the props

She photographed Olive in blankets, baskets, boxes, and used adorable poses, just like she does with human babies.

Olive even got a fancy crown

Because she deserves one!

Look at this sweet little baby!

I know I will. And I won’t get tired of it, like with all my friends’ baby photos (sorry friends!)

Don’t forget those close up foot pics!

I’m dying. Keep up the good work, Brendan! And please keep up your Insta, Olive!

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